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Welcome to Barking back Rescue,


Barking back's:



Our fosters are an (always growing) team of dedicated individuals that juggle life, work, kids, and pups. Each is vetted for top-quality care and knowledge when it comes to our four-legged friends.


Together these foster make up a network that works like a well-oiled machine. Through each step, our fosters are ready and on-call to intake animals that just left shelters, need medical assistance or special care (our blind, deaf, and special needs friends), are in between foster/forever home/need transport, and even those that don't know just where they fall in the process yet. 


Some of our fosters provide homes, some fly/drive/move pups from one home to another, and others handle the grunt work required to supply a life that these animals deserve.



Barking Back Animal Rescue partners with other organizations, shelters, companies, and even individuals looking to better their community.  


Through partners Barking Back can increase knowledge and safe practices for dogs while getting them into homes they deserve. Each partner brings their own specialty directions in which they help and support not just Barking Back Rescue but all dogs who are in need. 


We are always excited to speak with people and entities that want to get involved with Barking Back and implore them to reach out.


Contact to talk more!



Pups are the reason everyone here at Barking Back does what they do each day. 


Many of our pups' journeys begin in Texas and originate in shelters that are over capacity or simply are not built for the number of animals occupying the space. 

From here these pups either stay with a foster until they are cleared to travel/are ready to be adopted or spend some time outside of their previous isolated environment to acclimate to a stable daily routine.


After this time of adjustment, the pups are transported by plane/cars to New York where adopters are ready to provide forever homes. 



Barking Back Rescue focuses on the health and wellness of all dogs with a focus on the Catahoula breed.


Our values follow:

1. Saftey of animals.

2. Promotion of health for a pup's well-being and environment


3. Decrease of animals in shelters.

4. Educating the general public about the importance of regular checkups, shots, and spaying/neutering animals.

5. Matching the right animals with their perfect family.



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This past September our sweet Harvey went missing from adopter's farm in Ghent NY and hasn't been seen since. We have no idea why or how or what happened and we are heartbroken. We are imploring anyone who knows anything to please contact our director, Kim Nigro, with any information you may have. We hate to think he was left alone outside on their farm and wandered away or was taken by someone who was upset by this, but we are unsure. If this is the case, please call us as he will not be going back there if so. Not knowing if he is alive and happy is torture. All the pups we rescue are like our children. His fosters are devastated.

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